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Call for Board Candidates is open!

The OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG invites you to join four (4) of your fellow colleagues and contemporaries to represent a collective membership of over 500 companies dedicated to promoting, shaping and leading the future of the Oracle family of applications.  As an OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG board member, you join a dedicated team of professional users working together to:

  • facilitate training, education, and networking among the user community
  • influence Oracle on product direction and strategy
  • be a conduit for recommended enhancements to Oracle products or processes 
  • provide feedback to Oracle from the user community 

The OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG is seeking four (4) diligent, resourceful and dedicated professionals to help lead our association into the future. Each board member is elected for a 2-year term and will join four (4) other current board members who will be serving their remaining terms. To ensure continuity of the OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG's direction and strategy, we do not replace our entire board membership at the same time. Rather, every 2 years a portion of the board is re-elected. Regular participation in conference calls is required as well as attendance at board meetings and more frequent meetings leading up to meetings like COLLABORATE. This averages to approximately 2 to 4 volunteer hours per month and is essential for the board to function properly and to be successful in all of its endeavors. As a board member, one needs to support the OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG goals by taking an enthusiastic role in the activities that help continually provide value to the Oracle user community. Giving a presentation at OAUG COLLABORATE annual conferences, mentoring new members and encouraging other users to participate in the EPM/Hyperion SIG and the OAUG are just a few ways that board members can display leadership to the greater EPM/Hyperion SIG membership and contribute to the user group’s growth and success.  

Application Process: If you would like to help shape the future direction of the OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG, please include the following information in an e-mail or Word document and submit via e-mail to Geo/SIG Manager at  no later than Monday, June 25, 2018.

  • Name:
  • Company:
  • Address:
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Candidate Biography:

Please reference “OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG BOD 2018 Election Nomination” in your e-mail subject line.

Biography Guidelines:

Candidate biographies are limited to a total of 250 words or fewer. We encourage the use of bulleted lists within your biographical submission to assist the voting members during their review of the ballot. The inclusion of a photograph with your submission is optional. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please include in your biography:

• Why you are running for the OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG Board of Directors and what you can contribute to the organization.
• A description of your leadership and strategic planning skills.
• Previous volunteer contributions to the OAUG or other user groups.

Special Notes / Requirements / Qualifications* Elections are for individual volunteers, not the companies that employ them. The person elected will be a board member. It is recommended that individuals seek employer approval to run before submitting themselves as a candidate.
* No more than one person per company may serve on the board at the same time. 
* In order to help maintain an independent forum, Oracle employees are not eligible for board membership, (but the board does work closely with several Oracle Employees).
* While the companies are not elected, candidates, or the company they are employed with, must be OAUG members in good standing in order to be elected.
* Ballots will be sent to email addresses of individuals who are members of the OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG and meet the above requirements. This will include a voting key. Voting keys are a unique identifier that ensures only you can vote and that the vote can only be submitted once. If a voting key is used more than once, all votes will be discarded.
* Elections will end on July 11, 2018. The OAUG will tally all votes and provide information about the newly elected board members to the OAUG EPM/Hyperion SIG by July 23, 2018. Results will be announced to membership July 25, 2018. We look forward to receiving your response. Please contact Janelle Daniels, OAUG Geo/SIG Manager, at , or 404-789-3167 if you have any questions.

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